Spanish-Portuguese Association of Natural and Environmental Resource Economics

We work at the intersection of knowledge...

Ecological problems and concerns of our time force us to shift the center of reflection of the Economics to the conditions of the physical and institutional environment posed by the management of natural and environmental resources and that are analyzed by other disciplines.

  • ...connecting

    different points of view and areas of knowledge.

  • ...asupporting

    excellence as the only way to generate new ideas and methodological approaches.

  • ...collaborating

    to transform the status quo that still prioritizes sectoral and unidimensional approaches.

  • ...recognizing

    the inquisitive and critical spirit of our young researchers.


AERNA Newsletter

Bulletin that contains members’ articles on current topics and information on conferences, courses and job offers

AERNA Events

Biannual international event organized to divulge the advances in the field of Natural and Environmental Resources Economics.

AERNA Classroom

Space designed to provide information, support and resources to members in order to improve the process of teaching and learning in the field of Natural and Environmental Resources Economics.

AERNA Groups

Teams composed by members with scientific affinity that conduct studies highlighting for both its expertise and its continuity.

AERNA is a scientific association that aims to promote the exchange and the advancement of knowledge in the area of Natural and Environmental Resources Economics and, simultaneously, support the decisions of governments, businesses and others social partners in the complex relationships established between economic system and ecosystem.


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